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What People Are Saying

“This past June my son had a stroke while walking. He fell and fractured his skull which required immediate brain surgery. The doctors removed a piece of his skull to give the brain space since due to the trauma, it had swollen. After the first surgery and while in ICU, he had to have a second brain surgery due to a brain hemorrhage. I asked Ximena to do a healing session while we were waiting for him to go in surgery. After both surgeries, he had no movement on the left side of his body. The doctors were puzzled how he could still be alive since the heart is on the left side of his body. Besides the healing session, Ximena also showed me how to do the Neurokinesis techniques to reprogram the brain to have control over the body movements which I believe is the reason that he gained full body functionality. After 3 months, he is walking around like nothing happened. I’m very grateful for all Ximena has done.” EV

Full Recovery

“Good afternoon! Time does fly by, doesn’t it? I have to honestly say that I am feeling a lot less anxious than I did before our session. I am using the hand technique more and more and finding that it is helping quite a bit.” CA

Released Anxiety

“Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar you hosted tonight! So many blocks removed and better feelings about money! I appreciate you and what you do for our community of coaches!” KC

Money Blocks Released

“I am glad to have found Ximena at the time when I needed help with addressing the issues of depression. I was going through a period of grief after losing a loved one. Her neurokinesis sessions were very helpful and I am still using the techniques whenever I need help to release the depression. The follow-up sessions are a big contribution to motivate me to live my life with ease and joy.”

Learning To Overcome Depression

“The behaviors I wanted to modify are my dog’s anxiety/PTSD, food obsession, and impulse/fixations (on unhelpful things and issues). When I use them for her she is calmer, tends to fall asleep, and seems to be more trusting of me…I noticed that a longstanding and mysterious health problem in my other dog has subsided somewhat! Thank you so much, I’ve got a feeling your recordings are going to be very helpful in the long term for both my dogs.” MS

Dog Behavior Modification

“Thank you for your recordings. I’m listening to both and enjoying them very much. I must say, I had a good childhood and overall life but I’m releasing a lot of sexual trauma from past lifetimes. I would never have suspected that I had them in me. People are telling me that I’m now softer. I’m here to be your test subject anytime you want” EV

Past Lifetimes Trauma Released



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